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Viavisual offers a range of solutions that turn LED videoscreens into a powerfull marketing medium that is available to everyone.

April 26th 2019

Viavisual Pimp your window!

You don’t need a giant screen to draw some valuable attention. Also, installing a screen does NOT mean you loose daylight in your shop! These 2 sglassled transparent screens we installed make both shops stand out. Only just about 2m² each in surface, but highly visible.

April 25th 2019

Viavisual LED videoscreen built in a day!

We just installed another Videoscreen in a club in the Frankfurt Area (Germany). It’s a 3 * 2 meters LED screen with 960 * 640 pixels. The club didn't loose a single minute of business, as we started installing at 4.00AM, and were done before opening the next day!

March 27th 2019

Viavisual delivers another artistic masterpiece

At the Akademie der Kunsten, Berlin, Germany! 5 * 3 m transparent high brightness screen, High resolution product: 3,9/7,8mm resolution, Integrated in the glass facade, Including a support structure that cleverly hides the wires and cabling, Including an automatic brightness sensor

November 26th 2018

Viavisual installs a giant, 10 sqm LED display

Van Essen tyre center Westervoort already spent money on new prints to advertise their sales actions. Situated on one of the busiest crossroads in Westervoort (Holland), they are now the talk of the town! Viavisual was able to deliver a screen from stock, offering great value for money

September 28th 2018

Viavisual installs a giant display at Zalando

Zalando is currently building brand new headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Viavisual took on the entire operation, planning, desing, drawings, metalwork, installation… A typical “no hassle” installation, success guaranteed. Zalando is now ready to create instant impact with the 5 meters high LED video screen!

November 21th 2018

Viavisual pre-launches the Ledbox23!

We are proud to announce that our updated Ledbox23 was successfully used at the Olympus College in Arnhem! At more than 2m², the Ledbox is an oversized TV, with all the unique characteristics of a turn-key LED video product. The Olympus college used it as a tool to show potential new students an array of possible studies to follow.

November 10th 2018

Viavisual take your party to the next level

Bauhauz 7 yet another smashing episode of a party at the Vasim, Nijmegen. Our LED video equipment was used for phenomenal VJ-effects. The event was sold out, and we’re all very sorry you probebly missed it, but don’t worry: Bauhauz 8 won’t take long now! Click here for the details.

October 7th 2018

Viavisual the Psygathering XXL Event, Antwerp

Our party junkies at TRIaudiovisual, NTSound, Jafarenheit Laser and Camp Attack Visuals rocked the night in Antwerp, Belgium during the Psygathering XXL Event. Our 70 sqm of LED Video Equipment turned this years event into a true XXL happening!. Click here for the video.

October 1st 2018

Viavisual at Sports Planet, Westervoort

Sports Planet in Westervoort, the Netherlands, has taken up our challenge to try out our “Iposter”: a fantastic looking LED screen, that is movable, and VERY easy to use and operate. It is possible to make special arrangements with us, so you can “try” before you buy. After all, We are convinced you will love it! Contact us for more info

May 9th 2018

Viavisual installs a high definition screen

Germany’s biggest online platform for buying and selling real estate, Immoscout, have choosen Viavisual to perform the turn-key installation of a high definition 2,5mm resolution, front access LED video screen.Part of the challenge was the creation of a high rise frame structure that needed to blend in the existing artwork in the main lobby.

April 27th 2018

Viavisual turn-key installation in Berlin!

Knowing we feel this way about an installation carried out to perfection, the Berlin akademie der Kunsten entrusted Viavisual with the installation of a front access 2.5mm indoor screen. Part of the assignment was to create a sub-construction that integrates both the video screen and the audio installation next to the screen.

August 17th 2017

Viavisual MMG chooses Viavisual to expand!

Our Brittisch Media partner MMG has decided it was time for expansion, and has chosen Viavisual to upgrade their existing screens and add some extra screens to their rental fleet. MMG now owns 3 small LED trailers (6m² each) and 10 large LED video trailers (11m² each). Go check them out at www.mmediagroup.co.uk

July 21st 2017

Viavisual AV Huset installs Viavisual screens at Harboe HQ!

Danisch System integrator AV Huset has selected the ultra high resolution 1.6mm Viavisual product for their corporate account Harboe. This Danish brewery was looking for a turn-key solution including audio. The challenge was the limited depth of just 10cm’s, and the resulting high precision, full front access servicing required.The stunning 6m² wall boasts a full HD 1920 *1080 image quality & state of the art sound system.

June 17th 2017

Viavisual Swedish Design!

Viavisual installed a 15m² indoor LED screen with a very refined 2.97mm pixelpitch in Gothenborg, Sweden.Lighting up the entire office space, this screen changes the atmosphere inside. The entire installation was engineered by Viavisual in such a way that this big wall can be serviced from the front. It’s one of the slimmest possible LED designs: nowhere is it deeper than 10cms!

May 31st 2017

Viavisual installs a heavy duty screen at Mercedes Berlin!

Finally, the time has come where a couple of LCD TV’s is hardly regarded to generate added value anymore! Viavisual replaced the never-uniform existing LCD solution at Mercedes Benz Nützfahrzeuge with a high quality, high resolution from serviceable 3mm indoor SMD product.

Thursday, April 27th 2017

Viavisual Royal greets from Arnhem!

Viavisual supplied LED screens for the kings day celebrations in Arnhem! Among the products on display were 2 P6 outdoor screens, a P4.8 outdoor screen and even a P3.9 outdoor screen! Both the 4.8 outdoor and the 3.9outdoor are marking a new era in outdoor LED installations.

Monday, April 24th 2017

Viavisual delivers a doublesided outdoor screen in Duiven!

For our security-partner Van de Pavert in Duiven, we engineered a doublesided outdoor SMD Videoscreen, and carried out the installation on site. A traditional turn-key solution boasting 2 screens of 3 sqm each, situated along one of the main entrance roads of Duivens biggest shopping area.

Sunday, April 23rd 2017

Viavisual spikes the World Fighting League (WFL) in Almere!

Dutch fighting legend Melvin Manhoefs (WFL) organized a spectacular kickboxing event in Almere, the Netherlands. 3 tournaments and 8 superfights made this evening unforgettable. Highlights of the evening: the farewell of K1 legend Peter Aerts and the WFL world title fight.

Saturday, March 18th 2017

Viavisual delivers instant Knock-out in Nijmegen, Holland

At the start of the new Enfusion kickboxing tour, Viavisual designed a new stage layout combining a pair of large P6 portrait screens fort the red and blue corners, and a “traditional” high resolution 3mm indoor screen at center stage.

On January 5th and 6th

Viavisual officially launched their Dutch headquarters in Duiven!

As was to be expected, the full range of products and services offered was on display: Indoor products, outdoor products, transparent products, rental products and all sorts of turn key solutions such as plug-and-play pylons, 3Q LED Cubes and much more. We would like to thank all visitors.

Saturday, September 3rd 2016

Viavisual seals strategic alliance in Holland

In cooperation with Jimmy Honderd, Viavisual is offering LED video solutions for the entertainment industry. Aiming to make LED available for everyone, Jimmy has put his many years of experience in the Dutch event industry to good use and offers affordable solutions.

Friday March 18th 2016

Viavisual From roadkill to LED screen!

Viavisual has teamed up with Tekstkar in Hoevelaken, Holland to extend their range of services. Tekstkar is renowned for their traffic control systems and is expanding in the event and crowdcontrol industry. For that purpose, they have developped various mobile LED solutions.

Friday, June 10th 2016

Viavisual kicks off European Soccer Championships 2016!

Viavisual has kicked off the European soccer Championships in 6 different locations all accross Germany, boasting its rental fleet of 6mm outdoor SMD material. Ranging from a small 6m² mobile system to a massive 35m² public viewing event and everything in between.

Monday, February 22nd 2016

Viavisual replaces old LED for new in Berlin!

Viavisual has replaced the high prestige ceiling installation at Bertelsmanns headquarters in Berlin! Taking back the 10mm SMD wall installed by Viavisuals predecessors in 2002, renewing it for a state of the art 3mm indoor screen.

Thursday, December 31th 2015

Viavisual celebrates newyears eve at Encore Amsterdam!

Viavisual built a customized indoor screen of ultra HD resolution at the Melkweg in Amsterdam to fill the centre stage.The balconies were fitted with 6mm banners. That's how Viavisual starts up the New Year!

Sunday, December 20th 2015

Viavisual sponsored "Serious Request" Arnhem

The Arnhem version of the "Serious Request" radioshow was opened by mayor Herman Kaiser on Sunday the 20th of december. Viavisual was present with a sponsored Led screen to help raise as much money as possible.

Friday, December 11th 2015

Viavisual at Winter festival in Arnhem

we've turned the Winter Wonderland festival in Arnhem into a seasons holiday experience! No less than 5 different LED screens light up this party, amongst which a curved screen on which gamers can play against each other!

Sunday, November 7th 2015

Viavisual lights up Neonsplash Amsterdam

Viavisual installed 40m² "free form" 6mm SMD and 45 m² 16mm material at the Neonsplash Party at Amsterdams Ziggodome! Even 15000 liters of paint could not hide our presence as the party-flock turned the venue up and down!

Sunday, October 18th 2015

Viavisual on World Fight League Amsterdam!

This custumized 6mm indoor led screen was created specifically for the fighters to give a special effect for the competition. As you can see our Led screens entertain the audience!

Wednesday, September 9th 2015

Viavisual cuts the corner in Arnhem!

This customized 6mm outdoor advertisement screen outshines any window reflection. Made to fit, using a minimum of space to create maximum revenu!

Saturday, July 4th 2015

Viavisual custom made display tables!

or a high-end shopping brand, Viavisual has created a custom made 4mm LED screen incorporated in a nice display-table.Measuring 144 * 144m, these display tables can show full video on 360 * 360 pixels or lift a shopping experience to the next level!

Saturday, June 20th 2015

Viavisual Goes Live in Kleve, Germany

During the festivities around the special WDR2 broadcast in the city of Kleve, Viavisual put up a mobile LED screen (almost 10m² of 6mm outdoor) at the Rilano Hotel in the centre of town. Despite the cloudy weather, this eyecatcher stopped quite a crowd walking.

Saturday, June 6th 2015

Viavisual D-day memorial Normandy, France

During the D-day memorial in Normandy, France, an artistic setup of over 150m² of 20mm outdoor video screens forms the decor that brings the past and the fallen back alive showing images, videos and art. With an impressive mixture of survivors speeches and défilé’s.

Sunday, April 19th 2015

Viavisual United Fight Events Almere

Viavisual creates knock-out impact at the United Fight Events Kickbox gala in Almere! On Sunday the 19th of April 2015, United Fight Events hosted a kickbox gala boasting 8 “A-category” fights in Almere (the Netherlands). Viavisual provided a giant 6mm LED video screen (over 30 m²!)

Sunday, April 19th 2015

Viavisual United Fight Events Almere

Viavisual creates knock-out impact at the United Fight Events Kickbox gala in Almere! On Sunday the 19th of April 2015, United Fight Events hosted a kickbox gala boasting 8 “A-category” fights in Almere (the Netherlands). Viavisual provided a giant 6mm LED video screen (over 30 m²!)

Thursday, February 26th 2015

Viavisual takes the highway to fame!

Viavisual lights up a custom made spectacular video screen on a prime location bordering the A1 Highway in Holland! It’s one of the many possibilities: providing a giant Led screen, turn key solution, HECLA, automatic brightness control, and the benefits from “no-hassle” package.

Friday, February 6th 2015

Viavisual celebrates Carnival in Kleve (Germany)

Kleves carnival season was opened in the Warsteiner Festzelt. Organized by Gordion Event Management this gigantic party tent is the place to be during carnival in Kleve. A 10 sqm 6mm SMD wall enabled even the most drunk of partygangers to experience all of what’s happening!

Saturday, January 17th 2015

Viavisual lights up outside Arnhems Gelredome Stadium!

Viavisual celebrated it’s cooperation with Promosign. Co-hosting a business lounge party at the Gelredome in Arnhem. During Vitesse’s top match against league no 1 PSV, a Via33 lit up the front of the Gelredome Stadium, creating an instant impact for the visitors.

Tuesday, December 30th 2014

Viavisual goes VIP in Amsterdam, Dido Events!

A happy new year to everyone present at the party at prestigeous Event organizer Dido Events in Amsterdam! This date marked this switch-on of Viavisuals renowned 6mm ledwalls and DJ booth. We discovered another way of distinguishing ourselves from cheap copycat products

Monday, December 8th 2014

Viavisual Bertelsmann Berlin, Germany

Viavisual and partner Provideo team up to redecorate the Bertelsmann Headquarters. After the first rooftop LED install in Bertelsmanns Atrium, another artsy installation was realized last year. This front access 6mm installation is uniquely shaped around a wide corridor.

Monday, September 22th 2014

Viavisual 1001 nights, and even more pixels!

Abu Dhabi, Q4 2014: the newly built Shining Tower complex glows with pride, 2 LED screens and a ticker tape engineered and built by the Viavisual team. This installation is special for many different reasons. Special mechanics were engineered to replace the original glass facade with LED screens.

Sunday, October 12th 2014

Viavisual takes the big screen to the silver screen in Mestre

IMG cinema Candiani in Mestre (Italy) purchased a turn key video solution for the outside and foyer. Thanks to some clever engineering and magnetic front access, this project ended happily! For all cinema lovers: did you know an affordable 4K screen is available on only 9,6m * 5,4m?