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Viavisual offers a global repairs service

You purchased an LED screen a while ago, and it’s starting to degenerate slowly… Perhaps you want to buy a new screen in time, but perhaps, that time is not quite right yet.

Perhaps you spent a lot of time, effort and money in getting your custom-made and certified frameworks in place, and your choice to renew the screen is very limited...

Whatever the situation, Viavisual can offer you access to our repairs center! Our repairs team consists of professionals who are working in the industry for over 10 years. We can offer professional advice and dito repairs!

How does it work?

You contact Viavisual to explain your situation. You will get an intake with one of our experienced RMA experts, free of charge! We might require some pictures and some background information on the system you have got installed and/or running.

You will get an offer including a detailed description of the repairs as discussed, and a price estimate. At this point you can decide to either go ahead or not. Either you send up the goods that need repairing, or we decide that a site visit by our team is more effective.

The advantages

  • No need for immediate investments or replacements
  • Better reception of your screens by your audience
  • Repairs possible on site
  • Minimum down-time on your screens
  • Possibility to upgrade your screens
  • Possibility to calibrate almost any screen
  • No need to enter into binding long term service contracts