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LED screens for use as signboards, facade advertising, shop displays, enhancements for your interiors or as a screen with which you inform and attract the customer: Viavisual knows the applications of LED screens like no other. We help create solutions that meet and exceed your business needs.


LED signboards, showcase displays and video-elements that are integrated in the shop interior to get client attention. Change your offer with ease, depending on the weather, the time of day, active campaign or … your commercial hunch of the moment.

Be flexible and use all opportunities that arise!

Food service

Use your LED screen to show events, such as football matches, Tour de France, Olympic games and others. Enhance the atmosphere and show your proposition in an attractive manner. Let the beer flow on the walls and give a glimpse of your kitchen. Show what you have to offer!

Vivid food and drink images make people hungry and thirsty.

Construction and interior design

LLED applications add impact to the design of shopping centers, hotels, offices and museums. LED that is fully integrated in the facade, window screens and interior, become an integrated part of the environmental context. Viavisual expertly designs and builds custom solutions for you.

Transform your facade and interior into a vibrant means of communication.

Functional room design

Auditoriums, lecture and concert halls, technical control rooms, television studios and other functional spaces where video plays an important role, require specialized knowledge and support. For such projects, in close cooperation with its partners, Viavisual provides turnkey solutions.

Viavisual is a preferred supplier to several system integrators for a good reason!

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Do you want to know more?

Viavisual has implemented projects in all of these areas and more. It has developed solutions for a variety of businesses including car dealers, educational institutions, exhibition designers, museums, shopping centers, sports clubs, screen rental companies and commercial LED screen based service providers.

To know more about solutions that boost your business contact us!

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